Mustafa Kemal İpek

45 years of international design and construction experience in a wide range of commercial, residential and public sector projects.

For more than 45 years Mustafa Kemal İpek has been designing and developing award winning residential and commercial projects in various parts of Turkey. He has a post graduate degree in Architecture and Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. Mr. İpek has spent most of his career in İstanbul, leading residential, commercial and touristc architechtural design and development projects. He has also spend many years in Germany as an architect.

Mr. İpek’s architectural design and construction portfolio includes apartment buildings, residential communities, private houses & villas, hotels, resorts, manufacturing plants, office buildings, business centers, shopping centers and renovation of historical buildings and mansions.

His accolades include various awards for prestigious projects such as  “The Architectural Design of İzmir Tourism and Trade Center“, “İzmir Konak Plaza, Shopping Center and Marina Redesign” and “The KALE Business Center Architectural Design in İstanbul“.

Recently Mr. İpek has settled in Bodrum, a beautiful and popular tourism destination on the west coast of Turkey. He continues to develop residential and commercial properties for people who want to enjoy the nature, activity and social atmosphere in the area.

Mustafa Kemal İpek