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Our luxury villas’ outer coating and paintings, roofs, pools, water reservoirs (35-45 tons each), closed garages have been completed. Villas have double layers of walls on outer sides, having an additional aluminum folio and 3cm wallbords placed in between. Two layers of membranes and a special style tiling have been used on the roofs, having an additional isolation layer of aluminum and 3cm wallboard from bottom side again. Outer painting does not contain lime at all. Fundamentals have been properly isolated, drained and filled with earth for stability and durability. All construction details are settled under a technical specification paper.

Each villa has its own private swimming pool and a 25-35 ton water reservoir. Closed garage and storage. In addition to a bedroom and bathroom, each penthouse has another storage room too. Each garden will be properly developed including planting trees and flowers. Surrounding vicinity is under local gendarmerie jurisdiction. In addition, two major neighbouring resorts have active surveillance and patrolling security guard system. Villas have been installed with private security system also. Pool surroundings, living rooms and wet surfaces will be tiled with travertine.

4 different designs have been used on total 6 villas.

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M. Kemal İpek is an award-winning designer, who has architect projects spanning from İstanbul, İzmir to Bodrum.